Could I just ask you a few questions as you have sex on this park bench…?

9:05 - 9:30am on Thursday, September 17 2009 in Main Meeting Room

The UK has seen teenage pregnancy and STI rates increasing. The Department of Health is looking for innovative ways to understand and help curtail these trends.

But how can sexual health data in young audiences be addressed ethically and accurately?

Many cultural factors tend to push young respondents (and adult researchers) towards misperception, embarrassment, denial and unwillingness or inability to talk honestly. Another issue is the diversity of the audience. While hard-to-reach deprived groups are certainly of great interest in respect of sexual health, higher SEG groups have their own issues too.

Our paper details a national journey from:

  • identifying the research needs and challenges
  • developing the methodological approaches necessary to access valuable data and to help respondents start the process of solutions to this tricky problem
  • building a ‘co-creation’ approach in order to refine social marketing interventions